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16. Menubars

Function: tuiMenuBar tuiMenuBarNew (int pos, chtype at)
This functions creates a tuiMenuBar and returns it. The pos parameter specifies which side of the screen the menubar should be. Currently only TUIMENUBAR_TOP for the top of the screen is supported. TUIMENUBAR_BOT will be supported in the future for having a menubar on the bottom of the screen. The at parameter is a attribute specifier for the menubar. This parameter is directly related to the Curses attribute types.

Function: tuiMenuBar tuiMenuBarDelete (tuiMenuBar mb)
This function deletes the memory claimed by the tuiMenuBar at mb. It also causes any attached menus to be menubarless.

Function: void tuiMenuBarMoveMenu (tuiMenuBar mb, tuiMenu m, int pos)
This function moves a menu to a new menu bar. mb is the menubar to move to, m is the menu being moved, and pos is the position on the menubar to move to. FIXME: xref to position types

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